Friday, November 12, 2010

Mid Term Exam Review Question # 20

For this blog I was assigned question # 20(a,b, and c) on our exam review. The questions are....

a) What is the most common charge on an ion from Group 6A (group 16)?
b)What is the most common charge on an ion from the group 2A (group 2)?
c) Using your answer from b, where would you except a sudden jump among consecutive energies and why?

A) Group 6A or group 16 starts with the element O, or Oxygen. The most common charge on an ion that would form would be 2-. These elements form 2- ions because theses elements have a intensely high ability to add two electrons inorder to have the stable electronic configuration of a noble gas.

B) Group 2A or group 2 starts with the element Be, or berillium. The most common charge on an ion that form is 2+. These elements also want to have the stable configuration of a noble gas, so they take away 2 electrons inorder to get that electronic configuration.

C) Because the elements in group 2A form ions with a charge of 2+, there will be a sudden increase in ionization energy when you take away the 3rd electron, or IE3, from these elements. Because these elements for ions with a charge of 2+, a stable noble gas configuration, it takes an extreme ammount of energy to take away the next electron because these elements already have that stable configuration.


  1. Nice job Sam!!! A and B are great, and I would like to generalize something in C: In general, the sudden jump in consecutive ionization energies (IEs) occurs in whatever ionization energy takes the element/ion out of the favorable/stable noble gas electron configuration. For the noble gases, it is the first IE that is quite large. For elements in group one, it is the second IE that has a substantial jump. For elements in group two, it is the third IE that has a substantial jump. This pattern can be followed across the periodic table (of course there are some exceptions to this generalization).

    Good job and good luck on your exams!!!

  2. Great job, Sam! Your answers and descriptions were really well written and thought out. A suggestion I have though is to explain why an element desires to have a noble gas electron configuration (stability BECAUSE the energy levels are full). I also like how you inserted a picture of the periodic table. Overall, fantastic job!

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  4. Sam, you did a GREAT job! You did a great job with your explainations. You wrote very complete and well thought out answers! Great job!