Monday, September 13, 2010

Chemical and Physical Properties of a Jet-Puffed Marshmallow!


For this assignment I decided to observe the chemical and physical properties of a marshmallow. A marshmallow is a very common object that is essential to kid's daily lives. I chose this object because I never really thought of its chemical or physical properties. I just looked forward to shoving it into my mouth.

Chemical Properties:
1. Roasting the Mallow (Everyone's favorite)
As I roasted the marshmallow, and as it caught on fire it started to burn around the outside. When I burnt the marshmallow, it caused a chemical reaction, forming a new substance (the burnt part) and changing its composition.

2. Boiling Marshmallows with Malt Vinegar

To execute this experiment, I added some marshmallows to a pot and added some Malt Vinegar and boiled it. This produced a chemical reaction and the marshmallows evaporated.

3. Marshmallow in Nail Polish Remover
When I did this experiment, i filled a container up with nail polish and put the marshmallow in it. Nothing happened. Marshmallows do not react to nail polish remover.
4. Marshmallow in Hydrogen Peroxide
When I executed this experiment i put hydrogen peroxide in a small container. When I put the marshmallow in the container nothing really exciting happened. Marshmallows do not react to hydrogen peroxide.

5. Marshmallow in Kaboom
When I put the marshmallow in a small container of Kaboom, nothing really big happened. The only thing I observed was that it dissinegrated a little bit but not a lot.

Physical Properties:

1. Density: 0.37 g/ml
2. Diameter: 3cm
3. Squishy, foamy, and soft composition 
4. White color
5. Expands with heat:
I was curious of what would happen if I put marshmellows in the microwave. When I did they expanded and the insides turned gooey


In conclusion, the marshmallow was a tough object to pick. In fact, it hardly reacted to anything I put it in. I wish I would have picked an easier object. But atleast eating the roasted marshmallows was fun!