Monday, September 13, 2010

Chemical and Physical Properties of a Jet-Puffed Marshmallow!


For this assignment I decided to observe the chemical and physical properties of a marshmallow. A marshmallow is a very common object that is essential to kid's daily lives. I chose this object because I never really thought of its chemical or physical properties. I just looked forward to shoving it into my mouth.

Chemical Properties:
1. Roasting the Mallow (Everyone's favorite)
As I roasted the marshmallow, and as it caught on fire it started to burn around the outside. When I burnt the marshmallow, it caused a chemical reaction, forming a new substance (the burnt part) and changing its composition.

2. Boiling Marshmallows with Malt Vinegar

To execute this experiment, I added some marshmallows to a pot and added some Malt Vinegar and boiled it. This produced a chemical reaction and the marshmallows evaporated.

3. Marshmallow in Nail Polish Remover
When I did this experiment, i filled a container up with nail polish and put the marshmallow in it. Nothing happened. Marshmallows do not react to nail polish remover.
4. Marshmallow in Hydrogen Peroxide
When I executed this experiment i put hydrogen peroxide in a small container. When I put the marshmallow in the container nothing really exciting happened. Marshmallows do not react to hydrogen peroxide.

5. Marshmallow in Kaboom
When I put the marshmallow in a small container of Kaboom, nothing really big happened. The only thing I observed was that it dissinegrated a little bit but not a lot.

Physical Properties:

1. Density: 0.37 g/ml
2. Diameter: 3cm
3. Squishy, foamy, and soft composition 
4. White color
5. Expands with heat:
I was curious of what would happen if I put marshmellows in the microwave. When I did they expanded and the insides turned gooey


In conclusion, the marshmallow was a tough object to pick. In fact, it hardly reacted to anything I put it in. I wish I would have picked an easier object. But atleast eating the roasted marshmallows was fun!


  1. I forgot to cite my source! So here it is!

  2. I love your description as to why you chose to experiment on a marshmallow! Haha! A suggestion I have though would be to mention what the new substance (burnt part) of the roasted marshmallow is. Also, you chose really interesting objects to test the average marshmallow with. Good job!